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The world is increasingly going mobile. Internet-browsing with smart-phone’s are now on the fast track being used as a major tool, combining the power of the computer with the mobile capability of a phone. Accessing the Internet from a mobile phone has surpassed those using laptops. Smartphone growth is expected to increase by 25 percent each year to over a billion users by 2011. Needless to say, if your website is not "mobile ready," you are less likely to attract those targeted visitors and retain them as customers.

As we all know websites are made for large monitors, usually 17”-19", which is the size of a magazine spread or two letter-size pages side by side. Now imagine having to fit all that content onto a 3.5" business card: the screen size of an iPhone. And that's the largest display among mobile devices; most are only 2" diagonal.

Why would you ever need a mobile web site
Convenience. Most mobile users usually need to access only a small portion of a website's content: Contact, image gallery, informational text, directions, and so on. A custom-made mobile version of your site is an easy and affordable solution to the site mobility problems.

How does it work?
Unlike desktop web browsing where one can take time to search through a complex site, the average mobile user is looking to find a limited amount of information quickly. Convenience and speed, rather than breadth of content, define the mobile experience. So, a mobile site must load in a fraction of the time and the information must be organized and easy to find.


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